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Sponsor The Air Canada Foundation at work in Anahim Lake, BC

The Air Canada Foundation is proud to partner with the Breakfast Club of Canada in having children start their day with a full breakfast; therefore increasing their chances of academic success. With funding from the Air Canada Foundation last year, Breakfast Club of Canada was able to open two new breakfast programs in an Anahim Lake, BC - First Nations’ community.

“Improving the lives of children falls squarely within the mandate of the Air Canada Foundation and we are proud to partner with the Breakfast Club of Canada in bringing full breakfasts to children across the country”, says Priscille Leblanc, VP Corporate Communications and Air Canada Foundation Chairperson.

A newly launched video highlights the Foundation’ support to the Breakfast Club and follows Trent Leon, a young First Nations boy living in Anahim Lake, as he goes about his daily routine – starting off with a nutritious breakfast at school provided by the Club. The video features a surprise trip to Montreal for Trent to meet and spend some time with his idol, famous Montreal Canadiens goalie and Breakfast Club Ambassador Carey Price, who also comes from Anahim Lake. Carey and his wife Angela, recently became Breakfast Club Ambassadors. As such, they volunteer, attend events and promote the work done on behalf of the Club.

On January 18, Trent and his companion were treated like celebrities by AC150 flight crew. Seated in Business Class, they experienced a premium Air Canada flight experience: from taking 40-winks in the fully-flat seat, to watching a movie and enjoying a healthy meal – the flight was a perfect introduction to what laid ahead for Trent.

The next day, Trent got to shoot a few pucks with Carey on the ice of the Centre Sportif Bell – the Canadiens official training centre. We thought this would be the culminating event for Trent but it seems he had a trick up his sleeve to give-back himself. Children from his school had written cards to Carey to show their appreciation of the Breakfast Club program. Carey was very emotional reading all the nice messages especially written for him by the children.

Kids should dream big because the possibilities are endless. Ask Trent about his experience with Carey!

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