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Notification services

At Air Canada we strive to deliver the most accurate and reliable flight information to you. With our Mobile Notification Services, we will be able to keep you updated about the details of your flight, wherever you may be.

Register for our Flight Notification service to receive delay or cancellation information, or gate change details for your Air Canada or Air Canada Express (operated by Jazz only) flight. Notifications can be sent directly to your text-messaging-enabled phone or your email address.

Sign up for Flight Notifications to your mobile device or e-mail!

Overview of the product
  • Notifications apply exclusively to Air Canada flights and Air Canada Express flights operated by Jazz (domestic, transborder and international).
  • You can sign up for a Flight Notification up to 30 days in advance and even add multiple contact points to each notification.
  • Notifications are sent:
    • 24 hours prior to departure,
    • 4 hours prior to departure, then,
    • periodically for changes occurring within 4 hours of departure.
  • Notifications are sent only if there is a delay of 15 minutes or more or if your flight is cancelled.
  • Departure notifications cease 15 minutes prior to actual departure.
  • Arrival notifications cease when the plane lands.
  • No notification is sent if the flight is on time.
  • If your flight number changes because of a delay or cancellation, you will need to manually update your original notification request with your new flight details. Notifications are not automatically readjusted for flight changes.
  • Gate change notifications are sent only within 2 hours of departure.

Since flight status information can change at any time, we suggest that, unless your flight has been listed as "cancelled," you always check in for the original scheduled departure time of your flight and check the airport monitors for any last minute updates.

Air Canada will do everything possible to ensure that we provide the most accurate flight status information at all times. However, Air Canada is not liable for non-delivery of messages and cannot guarantee the timeliness or reliability of SMS message receipt.

Irregular operation notification

Receive automatic notifications for flight cancellations that occur within 48 hours of departure when you provide us with your mobile phone number or email address!

Leave us your mobile phone number or email address at time of booking and we'll automatically send you a text (SMS) message or email if your flight is cancelled. In the event that Air Canada has rebooked you on another flight, the message or email will also include your new flight details.

Overview of the product
  • Notifications are sent for Air Canada operated flights only (domestic, transborder and international),
  • You must have a confirmed ticket.
  • Notifications are sent only for flight cancellations that occur within 48 hours of your original departure time.
  • Notifications include cancelled flight information and may include the new flight information if we have rebooked you on an alternate flight.
When time permits, Air Canada Call Centre representatives will contact you by phone at the number you provided at time of booking in the following circumstances:
  • You did not provide a mobile number or an email address at time of booking and your flight is cancelled within 48 hours of departure.
  • You did not provide an email address and your flight is affected by a change in schedule outside 48 hours of departure.
  • The flight cancellation could result in offering you an earlier departure time.
  • Your itinerary includes a codeshare flight or a flight with another airline.

Air Canada Text Message (SMS) Service - Terms and Conditions