Before You Go: A ‘To-Do' List

No matter whether you're a first-time flyer or a seasoned traveller, the following checklist will help ensure your journey is safe and comfortable.


View the details of your itinerary
Verify your date, time, fare and seat assignment, and make any necessary changes.
Check your photo ID
The government issued identification you present at the boarding gate must be valid for the duration of your travels, and must include your name, date of birth and gender. For international travel and flights between Canada and the U.S., identification must also include a photo.

Remember that the name on your ID must match your name as it appears on the ticket. Learn more about travel document requirements.

Add your frequent flyer number
Ensure that you accumulate any points you may be entitled to through Aeroplan or another frequent flyer program.
Enjoy extra peace of mind when travelling away from home.
Book your hotel stays and car rentals
Book on Air Canada to take advantage of special offers and booking bonuses.
Plan your Onboard Café and Duty-free purchases
Purchase Onboard Café vouchers in advance and pre-order Duty-free items for your next international flight, or wait and make your selection during your flight. Just remember that Air Canada and Air Canada Express flights operated by Jazz have transitioned to credit card only cabins..
Tell us about your special needs
Travelling with a guide dog? Need wheelchair access? For any special needs, please let Air Canada Reservations know 48 hours or more before your flight.
Follow travel updates
Check to see if there are any travel updates such as weather or security alerts that you should be aware of. The updates are also posted on our homepage.
Read rules and restrictions that apply to infants and children
Read up on the latest safety regulations that apply to travel with an infant or child, and learn how to organize travel for an unaccompanied minor.

Additional steps for international travel (including the U.S.)

Be aware of security requirements
Be aware of any security requirements in effect for the places and times you're travelling.
Obtain passports, visas and other travel documents
Obtain/renew all required documentation well ahead of time, and make copies.
Familiarize yourself with customs and immigration information
View useful customs and immigration information and links for Canada, the United States and European Union countries.
Provide Advance Passenger Information (API)
Learn more about Advance Passenger Information and view a list of countries for which API is required. Provide your APIS information before you arrive at the airport to save time.
Request a special meal for your flight
Find out about special meal availability on international flights and flights within North America.
Get vaccinated
Schedule an appointment with your doctor 6-8 weeks before travelling for vaccinations that are recommended or required for the places you plan on visiting. Visit the Public Health Agency of Canada for more information.
Bring contact information for your embassy and/or consulate abroad
Bring the address and phone number of your home country's Embassy, High Commission or Consulate for each country you plan to visit. View a list of Canadian government offices abroad.
Advise your credit card company that you’ll be travelling abroad
This way, they’ll know to expect out-of-country charges on your credit card, and telling them may help avoid issues with international transactions.


Pack your carry-on baggage
Familiarize yourself with the latest carry-on baggage restrictions and regulations.

Always pack valuable items such as money, travel documents car keys and medication in your carry-on baggage so that, in the unlikely event that your checked baggage is misrouted, you will not be without them.

Medication must be properly labelled or accompanied by a prescription.

Pack your checked baggage
Familiarize yourself with the latest checked baggage restrictions and regulations, and learn more about additional checked baggage (including oversized and overweight items), sports equipment, hunting equipment and musical instruments.
Leave gifts unwrapped
In the event that security and/or customs agents need to inspect the contents of your baggage, all the items in your possession should be unwrapped and easy to access so that the inspection process can be conducted as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Identify your bags
Download and print our baggage ID card and place one in each of your bags.
Read about restricted and prohibited items
Find out what qualifies as a restricted or prohibited item when it comes to packing your carry-on or checked baggage.

Before you go

Check in for your flight
Check in online or with your mobile device anytime within 24 hours of departure. You can also print your boarding pass from the comfort of your home or receive an electronic version of it on your mobile device. And if you prefer, you can always use one of our self-service check-in kiosks or see an Air Canada agent at the airport.
Get to the airport on time
Familiarize yourself with official deadlines for check-in and boarding. Failure to meet them may result in reassigned seating and cancellations.
Check your flight status
Check your flight status online. You can also register with's Mobile Services Notification to be alerted via SMS to your cell phone of any schedule changes with regards to your flight.