Priority Boarding

Priority Boarding is offered on all flights operated by Air Canada and Air Canada Express and allows eligible customers to board the aircraft first. On flights operated by aircraft with more than 50 seats, Priority Boarding also offers you a dedicated boarding lane which allows you the luxury of boarding at any time, even once general boarding has already begun. Learn the true meaning of 'board at your leisure'!

Eligible Customers

The following customers are eligible for Priority Boarding:

* Note: Altitude Super Elite 100K/Elite 75K/Elite 50K and Star Alliance Gold members may board with members of their immediate family (including spouse, common-law or same sex partner and dependent children).

Boarding Process

Customers who have requested wheelchair assistance are invited to board first, followed by customers who are eligible for Priority Boarding.

Prior to commencing general boarding, we will give pre-board customers (i.e. those travelling with children under age 6 and those requiring a little more time to settle in) the opportunity go on board.

On all flights operated by aircraft with more than 50 seats, as well as for flights departing from New York-John F Kennedy (JFK), customers eligible for Priority Boarding may board at their leisure at any time during the boarding process via an expedited, clearly defined Priority Lane.

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