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Calgary Maple Leaf Lounge gets a makeover

As Calgary International Airport undertakes the expansion of its terminal facilities, the Air Canada Maple Lounge footprint has been reduced temporarily for the airport to build a new connection corridor.

Construction work affecting the Lounge is expected to last 18 months, so we’ve taken this opportunity to give our Maple Leaf Lounge a makeover! When all this is over in September 2015, we’ll be serving up a brand new expanded Maple Leaf Lounge with new features and enhanced amenities to serve you better than ever.

Due to the reduced space availability, it will not be possible to purchase lounge access as a travel option or to redeem a Maple Leaf Lounge One-Time Guest Pass to access the Calgary Maple Leaf Lounge for the duration of construction.

In addition, between 11:30 am and 6:30 pm, Lounge access will be restricted to the following customers:

  • Air Canada customers holding a Business Class ticket
  • Altitude Super Elite 100K members, accompanied by one guest
  • Altitude Elite 75K, Elite 50K, Elite 35K members*
  • Star Alliance Gold members*
  • Maple Leaf Club Worldwide members*

Outside of the restricted hours, the Lounge will operate normally and we welcome all eligible members and their guests to come relax as they wait for their flight.

* No guests will be permitted.

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