Air Canada Corporate Rewards

How does your business benefit?

The Air Canada Corporate Rewards program is designed to help your company manage business travel arrangements and expenses while enjoying savings and rewards every time you book travel with Air Canada.  What's more, your company  will have exclusive access to a comprehensive and easy-to-use online tool tailored to make the most of business travel.

What can I do with the tool?

  • Book Air Canada flights and cars
  • Manage corporate and individual traveler profiles
  • Assign an administrator and a travel arranger to plan and manage travel efficiently with smart tools
  • Keep track of travel expenses and rewards thanks to regular, detailed reports

Getting started is easy

Whether you own or work for a company, simply appoint an administrator and join the program. An Air Canada Corporate Rewards account number will be sent instantly to the program administrator via email, providing access to the online tool.

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NOTE: The Program is available only to registered companies with no preferred Carrier Agreement with Air Canada, regardless of the number of employees. Companies may or may not be working with a travel agency.

Partners Program

Air Canada Corporate Rewards has teamed up with companies whose goal is to provide exceptional business travel products, services and experiences. These vetted partners offer special business programs, corporate rates and tools exclusively to our program members. View partner list.


Do you own or work for a small to mid-size company? If so, enroll for free in the Avis Corporate Awards Program® to enjoy premium services and savings today:

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American Express

The American Express® AeroplanPlus®* Corporate Card Program

Reward your business with up to 4% Cash Back from Air Canada on eligible purchases1.

American Express Gold American Express Platinum

When employees fly with the American Express AeroplanPlus Corporate Card, your company can earn up to 4% cash back annually from Air Canada on eligible purchases of Air Canada flights and Flight Passes.

In addition, when you choose the American Express AeroplanPlus Corporate Card program for your company, you're choosing the only Corporate Card that rewards your employees with Aeroplan Miles®*. Employees simply use their Cards to pay their business expenses - such as air travel, cell phone bills, car rentals and hotels - and the rewards can quickly add up.

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The trademark American Express is used by Amex Bank of Canada under license from American Express.
Aeroplan and AeroplanPlus are registered trademarks of Aimia Canada Inc.

1. Minimum annual Air Canada eligible purchases of $20,000 required. Eligible Air Canada flights include ALL fare classes and are calculated on actual flights taken. Eligible Air Canada Flight Pass purchases are calculated on the amount of all eligible Flight Pass purchases less any Flight Pass credits and returns charged on the American Express AeroplanPlus Corporate Card. Companies with Air Canada contracted and/or negotiated fare rates will not be eligible for this Cash Back. Other terms and conditions apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section provides answers to the questions you are most likely to have about the Air Canada Corporate Rewards program. If we have not answered your question or you would like to make a comment, send an email to


What are the requirements for a company to join Air Canada Corporate Rewards?
Any North American company can join the Air Canada Corporate Rewards program, provided it does not have an Air Canada preferred carrier/corporate agreement.
What are the benefits of using Air Canada Corporate Rewards?
Air Canada Corporate Rewards is a program that rewards enterprises every time they book their business travel with Air Canada. In addition to offering rewards, Air Canada Corporate Rewards gives your company the ability to:
  • Book Air Canada travels and make car reservations
  • Easily track travel expenses and get detailed reports
  • Create and edit corporate and individual profiles
  • Create users and designate Program Administrators, Travel Arrangers and Travellers
  • Export itinerary information to the Microsoft Outlook Calendar
  • Continue to earn Aeroplan® Miles and Altitude Qualifying Miles for car and air reservations
Is there a cost to use Air Canada Corporate Rewards?
No. This is a reward program designed to help enterprises better manage their business travel expenses.
Does Air Canada Corporate Rewards have a reporting tool?
Yes. The Program Administrator can download a range of reports with the Corporate Rewards online tool.


What offers are available to companies that enroll in the program?
Air Canada Corporate Rewards is more than a travel management tool. It's Air Canada's way of thanking companies and their employees for their loyalty. That's why Air Canada offers companies rewards for their employees to share, while they continue to earn Aeroplan® Miles and Altitude Qualifying Miles for distance travelled. Each time a company reaches a revenue threshold, the company receives complimentary or discounted products and services offered by Air Canada and its best partners. Rewards include:
  • Promotional fare discounts
  • Discounts on advance seat selection
  • eUpgrade Credits
  • Maple Leaf™ Lounge access
  • Maple Leaf Club memberships
  • On My Way™ travel assistance
  • Air Canada Café vouchers
  • Avis Corporate Awards Program
  • Budget Business Program
Once my company has enrolled, how will notifications about Air Canada Corporate Rewards offers be sent?
When a company reaches a revenue threshold, the company's Program Administrator and Corporate Officer will receive an email notification with details of the offer and redemption instructions.
Who in my company can use the accrued rewards?
Any registered employee.


What information is required to complete enrollment?
  • Your company name and address
  • Your company government Tax ID number
  • The name of your company's Corporate Officer and Program Administrator information
Why is the government Tax ID number required?
The Tax ID number is required to validate you are a company versus an individual. In addition, this unique identifier is used to avoid any account duplication in the Air Canada system.
How do I enroll my company?
To enroll your company in the Corporate Rewards program, follow these steps:
  • From the homepage, click on the Corporate Rewards tab
  • Click on Join Now
  • Complete the enrollment form
Where is the Corporate Rewards Account Number stored?
The Account Number is stored in the account information section.

Note: Only users set up as Program Administrator can view this information.
Upon enrollment, does the Program Administrator automatically receive a confirmation email?
No. Upon enrollment, the Program Administrator and the corporate officer will automatically receive a Welcome email including the company Account Number and welcome offers. To sign in, the Program Administrator must use the login information (email address and password) entered at time of enrollment.


How do I sign in?
Once your company is enrolled, follow these steps to access the Corporate Rewards online tool:
  • Go to
  • Click on the Corporate Rewards tab on the homepage
  • Enter your username (your email address) and password
  • Click on the red arrow to sign in
Refer to p. 4 of the User Manual for more details.


What are the different user roles regarding the online tool?
There are three possible roles an employee may fall under depending on the use that he/she will make of the online tool:
  • Program Administrator
  • Travel Arranger
  • Traveller
To learn more about these roles and their functions, please refer to p. 3 of the User Manual.


Do I need to download software to use the Corporate Rewards online tool?
No. However, the Air Canada Corporate Rewards online tool is best viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox 1.5 browsers or higher.
How long after enrollment can I start booking with the online tool?
Immediately after enrolling, you will receive a Welcome email and you will be able to start your bookings.
Can a booking made via the Air Canada Corporate Rewards online tool be retrieved on
No. It can only be retrieved via the Corporate Rewards online tool.


What type of fares are available via the Air Canada Corporate Rewards online tool?
All Air Canada fares are available via the Air Canada Corporate Rewards online tool.
Can promotional discount codes be applied using the Air Canada Corporate Rewards online tool?
Yes. Enter the promotional code in the promotional code box on the shopping page. Fares will be shown with appropriate discounts.
Will bookings made outside of the Air Canada Corporate Rewards online tool be included for reward tracking?
No. Only bookings made via the Air Canada Corporate Rewards online tool are tracked for rewards based on companies' revenue threshold achievement.


Can Flight Passes be purchased via the Air Canada Corporate Rewards online tool?
No. Flight Passes can only be purchased via A direct access to the Flight Passes platform is provided on the homepage of the Corporate Rewards online tool.
Can Flight Pass credits be booked via the Air Canada Corporate Rewards online tool?
Yes. You can use the Air Canada Corporate Rewards online tool to book flight credits.
Will the Flight Pass revenue be tracked for revenue thresholds?
Yes. Flight Passes that have been purchased AFTER enrollment in the program are eligible for revenue tracking. To associate the Flight Pass with the client account for tracking, make sure to add the Corporate Rewards Account Number on the purchase page.

Note: Flight Passes that were purchased PRIOR to enrollment are not eligible for revenue tracking. You can still access your Flight Pass via the Air Canada Corporate Rewards online tool and make a booking using your credits.

How long will it take for the Flight Pass revenue to be associated with the Corporate Rewards account?
The revenue will be added to the Corporate Rewards account within 15 business days from the date of purchase.


Is there a technical support line for the Air Canada Corporate Rewards program?
Yes. Companies can access technical support through a dedicated line at 1-888-335-4189 from 6 a.m. to 2 a.m., 7 days a week or by email at