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Air Canada Foundation programs and initiatives

The Air Canada Foundation carries out its charitable activities through a number of programs and initiatives, which have been developed and expanded over the course of many years.

Hospital Transportation Program:

This program, which has been introduced in 2003, provides Aeroplan miles to 15 pediatric hospitals across Canada, giving children and their parents access to advanced medical treatments in centers unavailable in their community. It alleviates travel costs for the families and offers financial peace of mind resulting from the child’s hospitalization. Providing hundreds of airline seats each year is just one of the way the Air Canada Foundation, in partnership with Aeroplan Beyond Miles program, is making a real difference in the lives of families across Canada and abroad.

Please meet Aidan Bohle from Saskatoon who benefited from the Hospital Transportation Program.

Aidan Bohle – Saskatoon: Aidan Bohle was born in Saskatoon, on September 24th, 2002 at 6lbs and 11 ozs. One of the many medical issues Aidan has had to face over the short span of his life is the diagnosis and treatment of a Cholesteatoma of the right ear.

This is a very aggressive but fortunately benign tumor located in the middle ear canal behind the ear drum that can over time increase in size and destroy the surrounding delicate bones of the middle ear and lead to hearing loss. This is what has occurred in Aidan’s case. Other symptoms.

After many surgeries, Aidan was referred to the Calgary Children's Hospital for evaluation and treatment of the reoccurring Cholesteatoma.

Aidan Bohle

Aidan and his mom Tami traveled to Calgary a few times for consultations and surgeries including the removal of the tumor. The tumor off the facial nerve was removed and they placed a prosthetic bone piece to complete the conduction in the middle ear with the hopes that he would someday be able to hear out of his right ear. Unfortunately on our return trip to Calgary for follow up June 23, 2011 it was discovered through repeated hearing tests that either because of recurrent post surgical ear infections or another cause, the prosthesis had likely been dislodged from its position and is not working. Currently, Aidan is still not able to hear out of his right ear.

At this time we are hopeful the tumor will not return and according to Dr. Drummond, he will perform surgery in about 18 months to reposition the prosthesis.

All of these trips from Saskatoon to Calgary to the Children’s Hospital for Aidan and I would not have been possible if not for the significant assistance provided by the Hospital Transportation Program of the Air Canada Foundation and through the Children’s Health and Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan. We are very grateful for their assistance as they provided Aidan and myself the airline tickets to travel by plane, as car travel would not have been a good alternative for Aidan and his other special needs. The assistance provided by the very friendly and helpful staff with the transport program, and being able to focus on Aidan and his care and not have the extra stress of having to worry about how we could afford to fly were so much appreciated. Please accept our sincerest appreciation for all you have done — Sincerely, Tami and Aidan Bohle.