At Air Canada Cargo, our business is to meet all your cargo shipment needs simply and efficiently. There's a shipping Solution and a Service level for everyone.

AC General Cargo

For all your regular shipping needs…
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Some commodities, by their very nature, require special handling. We offer various shipping solutions for your special cargo.

The type of special solution chosen determines the way the shipment is handled, in order to best protect the shipment's integrity and comply with regulatory requirements.

Select from the solutions below, or let us guide you on how best to ship your commodities.

AC Cool Chain

Keeping our cool when the pressure is on…
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Taking the risk out of dangerous goods…
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AC Live

Your animals were meant to fly, whether they have wings or not…
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AC Secure

Adding security to the things you value…
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AC Expedair

Canada's fastest way to move things…
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AC Compassion

We're here to help, even at the worst of times…
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