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Kennel Requirements

For the comfort and safety of the animals, all cats and dogs must be transported in kennels that comply with regulations set forth by the International Aviation Transportation Association (IATA) when travelling as air cargo.

Animals other than dogs and cats can be transported in kennels described below, as long as the kennel meets the container requirements of the IATA Live Animals Regulations. You can contact our AC Live representative to get more information.

As the kennel becomes the animal's home away from home, it's a good idea to purchase the kennel well in advance of travel so the animal can become accustomed to it before travelling.

All kennels must meet the following guidelines:


  • The kennel must be made of rigid plastic. For two-part kennels, all hardware must be present and properly installed.
  • The door must be constructed of metal, either welded or thick enough that the animal cannot bend or damage it.
  • All hardware and fasteners must be in place and functioning.
  • The floor must be solid and leak-proof.
  • There must be proper ventilation on at least 3 sides including the door. The ventilation holes must not be blocked by anything inside or outside the kennel.
  • Wheels must be removed or rendered inoperable.

Kennel Size

Cats must be carried in appropriately sized kennels designed so that they cannot fit their paws through any of the openings on the kennel.

KennelThe kennel must be big enough to allow the animal to stand, turn around and lie down in a natural position.

The measurements below are based on the animal standing in a natural position

Kennel Dimensions

A = length of animal from nose to root of tail.
B = height from ground to elbow joint.
C = width across musters.
D = height of animal in standing position.

The length of the kennel must be equal to A + 1/2 B.
The width of the kennel must be equal to C x 2.
The height of the kennel (top flat or arched) must be equal to D.

Inside the kennel

  • Food and water dishes must be attached inside the kennel with outside access for filling.
  • Kennels will not be accepted for carriage if there are water bottles or receptacles attached to the outside of the cage door.
  • Provide a light blanket, cushion or newspaper.
  • Wood chips or shavings are not accepted.

Outside the kennel

  • Clearly indicate your pet's name on the outside of the kennel.
  • Attach a label with feeding and watering instructions, and indicate the date and time the animal was last fed and given water.
  • A Live animal and This way Up label/tag is mandatory. If the kennel did not come with these labels, they can be provided for you when you tender the animal. Place the This way Up label/tag on all four sides of the kennel.

Additional security

Secure the top and bottom portions of the kennel together with the supplied hardware. Clips alone will not be accepted.

Choosing the right kennel