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Privacy Policy

Air Canada's Privacy Protection Policy

We understand the importance of protecting the personal information of our customers and our employees. To earn and maintain your trust we have designed our policy to meet or exceed the requirements of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and the ten principles set forth in the Canadian National Standard for the Protection of Personal Information. In addition, we are constantly looking for new and better ways to secure your personal information and to ensure that it is used in a responsible and respectful manner.

Air Canada is a licensee of the TRUSTe Privacy Program. TRUSTe is an independent organization whose mission is to build users' trust and confidence in the Internet by promoting the use of fair information practices. This privacy statement covers the site Because this web site wants to demonstrate its commitment to your privacy, it has agreed to disclose its information practices and have its privacy practices reviewed for compliance by TRUSTe.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this statement, you should first contact Air Canada's Privacy Office as follows:

Air Canada Centre
Law Branch ZIP YUL 1276
7373 Cote Vertu West
St. Laurent, Quebec H4Y 1H4
Telephone: (514) 422-5835
Facsimile: (514) 422-2641

If you do not receive acknowledgement of your inquiry, or if your inquiry is not satisfactorily addressed, you should then contact TRUSTe through the TRUSTe Dispute Resolution Process at TRUSTe will serve as a liaison with the Web site to resolve your concerns.

Air Canada has appointed a Privacy Officer who is responsible for ensuring compliance with the requirements of PIPEDA. Should you have any questions regarding this policy or concerns with respect to Air Canada's compliance with the requirements of PIPEDA, you may contact Air Canada's Privacy Office.

Identifying Purpose of Collection
When you purchase airline tickets or make a flight booking either by contacting an Air Canada reservation call centre, by going to an IATA accredited travel agency or by booking directly online you will be required to provide certain personal information to complete your transaction. This may include name, address, telephone number, credit card number and expiry date. The information is required to identify you, in order to contact you, if necessary and to complete the process of your purchase. We also request your gender to assist in estimating the aircraft's total load and as an additional identifier.

If you request a customized service we need to collect additional personal information.

Special Meals
On some of Air Canada's flights special meals to accommodate a range of dietary requirements are available. Availability must be determined at the time you book your flight. If you are able to make such a request the information must be recorded in your travel booking. This information is then transferred to the applicable catering service as well as the flight crew. In certain airports the ground handling is outsourced to another airline. In that case, we would need to transfer your information to the handling airline. If your travel includes a transfer from Air Canada to another airline your special meal request will be transferred where the service is available.

Special Offers or Discounts
Air Canada offers special discounts to infants and children. To assess your fare eligibility and ensure that your ticket is correctly processed we need to record your date of birth at the time of booking. At the airport, for verification, you are required to present personal identification with your date of birth. If your travel includes a transfer from Air Canada to another airline your date of birth will also be transferred to that airline in order that you benefit from the discount.

Special Assistance
We offer a range of travel services to individuals requiring special assistance. We also do our best to make your travel with us as comfortable as possible. Should you require special assistance such as the use of a wheelchair, or should you have a medical condition requiring the supply of oxygen on board, we need to record this information in your travel booking. In certain situations an Air Canada doctor will need to contact your personal physician in order to ensure that all necessary precautions for your safety and enjoyment are made. This information will be forwarded to the airport staff as well as to the flight crew.

In certain airports we outsource the ground handling to another airline. When that is the case, we need to transfer the information to the handling airline. If your travel includes a transfer from Air Canada to another airline the requirement for special assistance may also be transferred so that the receiving airline can accommodate you as best as possible.

Safety is always a top priority at Air Canada. To assure the safety of our passengers and crew we need to know of any special requirements for assistance. This allows us to plan and reserve the seating arrangements to maximize safety.

Unaccompanied Minors
Children between the ages of eight and eleven may travel alone on Air Canada but it is mandatory that the Unaccompanied Minor (UM) service is used. The UM service includes provisions for the unaccompanied minor to be escorted by Air Canada agents and/or flight attendants. The service must be requested at the same time the child's flight is booked by the parent/guardian. Upon arrival at the airport, you will be requested to complete "a request for carriage" form. The information on this form identifies the child and their flight itinerary as well as the identification and contact names of the people meeting the child at the transfer points or final destination. We also require the name, address and a contact telephone number and authorizing signature of the parent or guardian authorizing the request for travel. This information is required in order to assure the safety of the child. From the moment they arrive at airport check-in, until they reach their final destination, all children are escorted and supervised by our staff. If the travel itinerary includes a transfer, ground staff will escort the child and see him/her safely onboard the connecting flight. If the child's travel plans include another airline we must transfer the information so that the receiving airline may continue this safe and efficient process.

Because of the additional security precautions necessary to protect your child, bookings for unaccompanied minors (8-11 years old) cannot be made online at

Frequent Flyer Numbers
As a customer of Air Canada you have the opportunity of accumulating points in one of a variety of frequent flyer programs. In order to automatically credit your account with these points the information needs to be forwarded to the administrator of the applicable frequent flyer program. This information includes time, date of flown segments, class of service and personal information that may include: name, address and phone number, in order to identify you. To fulfill these requirements we need to register the frequent flyer program name and your frequent flyer number on your booking.

Air Canada was one of the first airlines to use a customer loyalty program. By joining you automatically join Aeroplan. This program allows us to develop and recommend products and services based on an understanding of your interests and needs. Aeroplan enables our customers to accumulate miles for segments flown on Air Canada or for services or products purchased from participating Aeroplan partners. These miles are exchangeable for travel on Air Canada or on any of Aeroplan's partner airlines. To support this, the Air Canada Family* and Aeroplan partners are required to exchange information in order to ensure that your Aeroplan account is maintained and that miles are credited and debited correctly. The information exchanged is limited to that which is required to fulfill the purpose. In addition, being an Aeroplan member makes it easier for you to book a flight. When you call Air Canada reservations and give your Aeroplan number, we can automatically transfer the information required to hold a flight booking from your Aeroplan account. Information such as your seating preference and choice of meal can be kept on your Aeroplan profile. To access your personal Aeroplan information on the Internet, we ask for your Aeroplan password. This is a security precaution to ensure that your information is safeguarded. You can request your password through the homepage of by clicking on 'Join now/Sign in' then 'Forgot/Need a password?'.

Air Canada email offers
When you book your travel at you are added to our email list that will be used to contact you occasionally with offers that we feel will be of interest to you. If you do not want Air Canada to contact you with offers you may withdraw your consent at any time simply by changing your profile information and opting out of any or all of the email offers you no longer wish to subscribe to by clicking on 'email offers' on the homepage. If you later change your mind it is just as simple to opt back in to the email offers of your choice. In addition, all emails sent to you by Air Canada contain simple instructions telling you how to "unsubscribe."

Some information is collected automatically every time you visit (e.g., cookies and conversion beacons).

A cookie is a small non-executable file that is stored on your hard drive for the purpose of identifying your computer. While it is possible to make a booking at by having your browser's Internet security set such that it will not accept cookies your online experience may be greatly reduced.

Air Canada uses both session cookies and permanent cookies at Session cookies are active only during the period you are logged on to website and are removed when you leave. They help us track the sections of the website that you use to allow us to make improvements in keeping with observed user preferences.

Permanent cookies remain on your hard drive until you remove them through your browser's Internet security settings. Permanent cookies are used to store user preferences such as preferred language and thus eliminate your having to make the same entries on each visit.

Our cookies are not tied to personally identifiable information.

This privacy statement covers the use of cookies by only and does not cover the use of cookies by any third parties. Some of our business partners (e.g., tracking utilities) use cookies on our site. We have no access to or control over these cookies.

Conversion Beacons
Air Canada also uses Conversion Beacons (small, simple snippet of HTML code) inserted in the source of the designated website pages. Conversion Beacon technology works by leveraging industry standard browser based cookie technology and simple standard html coding. Email recipients who receive a Conversion Beacon enabled email message will receive a small unique cookie that is stored in their browser session. This unique cookie is later used to connect the email recipient with the subsequent recipient activity on the client website.

The purpose of tracking the activity is to better understand the email flow of our subscribers and to measure the effectiveness of ads. For this reason our Conversion Beacons are tied to personally identifiable information (email address).

When you book your travel or join, the fact of your doing so provides Air Canada with your implied consent to use your information to fulfill your request.

If you opt in to one or more of Air Canada's email offers you are consenting to allow Air Canada to contact you regarding those offers.

You may withdraw your consent at any time simply by changing your profile information or by following the instructions on how to "unsubscribe" contained in all emails sent by Air Canada.

Limiting Collection
Air Canada will limit the collection of personal information to that which is necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected.

Air Canada uses contractual and other means to ensure that your personal information is afforded protection that meets the requirements of PIPEDA whenever a third party agent is used to complete some or all the stages of processing necessary to complete your travel transaction or for research or survey purposes. Research and survey data is reported back to Air Canada as aggregated data with no reference to individual customers.

Customers who do not wish to be contacted for research or survey purposes should advise Air Canada's Privacy Office.

Limiting Use, Disclosure and Retention
Air Canada will not use or disclose your personal information for purposes other than those for which it was collected without your explicit consent or as required by law.

You should understand that all airlines, including Air Canada, are required by new security laws in the U.S. and several other countries to give border control agencies access to passenger data. Accordingly, any information we hold about you and your travel arrangements may be disclosed to customs and immigration authorities of any country in your itinerary.

Customer information is retained for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected.

When you join you can ensure that the personal information we hold is accurate and up to date. You supply the information and if it should change, for example if your telephone number changes simply click on 'View/Update My Profile" and make the necessary changes.

Personal information is encrypted as it travels over the Internet. Depending on your web browser you may see a secure webpage indicator, for example a closed lock in the lower right hand corner of the Internet Explorer browser.

The use of Secure Socket Layer protocol (SSL) allows all personal information such as your credit card number, to be encrypted as it travels from your computer to Air Canada's booking system. Once received, the information is unencrypted and processed in the same way as a credit card transaction placed via the telephone.

Air Canada's privacy practices are as outlined within this policy. Should you have any questions or comments you may contact Air Canada's Privacy Office as indicated under "Accountability."

Individual Access
With certain limited exceptions as provided in the PIPEDA you have a right to access your personal information held by Air Canada. You may access your personal information held in your profile by clicking on 'View/Update My Profile" on the homepage.

If you want access to your personal information on your travel booking through an Air Canada Call Centre you should have your booking reference number or your e-ticket number available to help us ensure that you are entitled to access the information.

If you have other queries you may contact Air Canada's Privacy Office as indicated under "Accountability."

Challenging Compliance
If you have any concerns regarding Air Canada's compliance with the 10 principles of the PIPEDA you may address those concerns to Air Canada's Privacy Office as indicated under "Accountability." Complaints concerning Air Canada's compliance with PIPEDA are taken seriously and all complaints are investigated.

Changes to the Privacy Policy
This policy takes effect on December 4, 2004. Air Canada reserves the right to modify this privacy statement at any time, so please review it frequently. If we make material changes to this policy we will notify you on our homepage and other places we deem appropriate so that you are aware of what information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances, if any, we disclose it.

* Air Canada's family includes Jazz Air Limited Partnership and their successors so long as their successors remain affiliated with Air Canada.