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Customer Service

Call us to speak with a customer service agent about quotes, creating a booking and tracking a shipment.  

  • Within Canada, our dedicated staff can be reached at 1-800-387-4865.
  • For shipments originating outside of Canada, please select the city of origin from the drop-down menu below.
  • For all live animal bookings please visit our ACLive section.  To book or request a quote within Canada, please contact us at 1-800-387-4865.

  • Country:
  • Canada

    United States


  • Solutions offered:

    • AC General Cargo
    • AC Cool Chain
    • AC DGR
    • AC Live
    • AC Secure
    • AC Compassion
    • AC Expedair
    • AC Post


  • Customs Office


The maps are an approximation of the facility's location. There may be variances between the map and the facility's actual location. For details on how to best arrive at the address please phone the facility for directions.

Customer Relations

We're listening! We welcome your feedback and encourage you to email us at with past experiences, commendations, concerns and suggestions.
We invite you to communicate with us in the Official Language of your choice, English or French. Any request sent in another language will be considered, but please expect an additional delay for the process.

Cargo Portal Services

Please visit the Cargo Portal Services (CPS) website to access your existing CPS profile or to register for one. CPS offers a self-service booking tool, rate estimation, House Air Waybill entry and tracking services.